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Patient`s Stories : FIDELIS KILLIAN


Fidelis Kilian - born on the 8th of September 2004 - was born with a hole in between his eyes. His mother, Merania, not quite aware of what this condition was - went to the clinic in the northern part of Namibia and was referred to Windhoek. This was back in 2004. He later returned to the north after medication and dressing was given.

Somebody spotted him and informed some friends and they decided to do everything they could to help him. A committee was set up to raise funds for him.

A press conference was organized on the 11th of September 2009 at the Kalahari Sands hotel. The First Lady of the Republic of Namibia - Madame Penehupifo Pohamba was the Guest of Honour. The purpose of this event was to raise at least N$20 000 to enable Fidelis to travel to South Africa for the operation to repair the hole.

Eventually, a decision was made and the operation was performed here in Windhoek.

After several consultations with the local surgeons,and a CT Scan that was done on the 9th of October,concluded that there would be no need to travel to South Africa for treatment because the local neurosurgeon was qualified to operate on him. A brain CT was then done on the 11th of October 2009.

A decision was made to operate on Fidelis, locally on the 4th of November 2009. The neurosurgeon closed the hole from outside and the plastic surgeon removed 70%of the fluid mass that had collected on the front part of his head.

Meme Merania has dedicated her life to giving him a close to normal life as far as possible.

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